Hi. I'm Terry Masters, and I'm going to change the world.

When I was little, we had role models. People you could look up to. That embodied hope, respect, honor and pride. Who had the common decency to understand that being nice with even the smallest efforts could go a long way. Every black and white show on TV taught us we could live in a world so pleasant it was unheard of if someone -didn't- make a kind gesture to a person they passed walking down the street. Then, guys like Hulk Hogan, Mr. T hell, even Fonzie continued to highlight the differences between right and wrong. As society got worse people like Jaleel White and Will Smith fought through it's harsh grip and pushed forward to show the universe that we don't have to give up on who we are to achieve bliss, spread peace and live by example.

-Who do we have now?-

The "artists" who hire 6 people to write their lyrics and 4 to produce their music only so they can take credit for a Grammy while the people who do their own work and write things actually meaningful stay stuck in Hollywood's midcards? The actors and actresses who exploited their careers that don't know the difference between "not caring what people think" and "not caring what people think"? Who's left to believe in?

Well if none of these other people have guts to step up, then I will.

With all the things I was surrounded by as a kid my whole life defined role model material. Never smoked, never drank never did drugs, because someone who truly cares about being the best that they can be knows when you actually learn how to appreciate the little things in life you find even more joy elsewhere. Lying, cheating, and stealing were never my thing and a real alpha male doesn't need to take advantage of other people but you bet your ass with all the suffering I've been through that I've got no problem exposing the douchenuggets who do. For a long time I hid what I was capable of wanted to keep my talents a surprise, but somehow I ended up getting oppressed yet I cared so much about expanding my mind that I sit here - day in and day out - with the knowledge to make the world a better place and where does it go? Nowhere. Because I never got the opportunity to have a real, world-wide audience. Well today, that struggle is over. The #MastersMovement is for people who are tired of the same song and dance. People who are sick of being taken advantage of, sick of seeing how few lack the foresight to care about the generation that succeeds them. People who aren't afraid to take a stand and can back up their story while they do it. People who know the difference between self respect and false pride, those who actually do their research, give credit where credit's due and aren't afraid to change. People who are willing to admit when they're wrong because they know the only ones that hinders are themselves. But at its core, the Masters Movement is for people who want to be the absolute best at everything they do. Who want to make their lives as efficient as possible, realize their true potential and recognize it and opportunities in others. Who aren't afraid to put their differences aside to make the world a better place. If you think you fit this bill - if you're tired of getting walked on - if you've been waiting for that push to get up off the couch - if you want to give those around you a better life - if you want to change the world - then follow my lead. Join the Movement.